Round 5 - IMOLA

1 year 10 months ago #6089 by Admin
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Date: 06.11.2018
Time: 21:00 CET (20:00 GMT) (qualifying)
Laps: 20
Password: moon

Alfa Romeo GTm 2000

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1 year 10 months ago #6090 by Paul Anstey
Paul Anstey replied the topic: Round 5 - IMOLA
Qualiy : I couldn't recreate the lap times I'd been doing in previous sessions so I was pleased to get second place.

Race : At last I got a decent start and managed to protect my second place going into T1. Nikola was much faster than me and he began to pull away. Through a mistake by Nikola I managed to take the lead which lasted about 4 laps until a mistake at the tight hairpin. I could have floored it to hang on to the place but I left the track and it felt right to hand the place to Nikola. I doubt I would have stayed in front much longer anyhow. The rest of the race was spent managing my engine health and trying to not cut the chicanes. I'm not sure how well I did this. On a few occasions the car got away from me a bit and may have strayed too far. I expect there may be a penalty(s) to be applied. Still no matter I enjoyed it and that's what counts. I hope Imola may be a F1 circuit again in the future. It's way better than Monza which in my opinion has a shoe in for the Dullest Track on Earth award. That's one to look forward to ;)

Congratulations to Nikola. Your on for a Grand Slam so no pressure ;)
Well done to those that finished :) and commiserations to those that didn't :(

On to Essington. Quite a good fantasy circuit which should be a blast in the Escorts :)

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