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As you notice our R2P GP1979 league looks like Pro comparing with normal F1 leagues with "13 y old kids" finishing the race on L1T1 corner. Last races forced me to introduce "Licence System" which can help us to avoid situations like Satel-Pedulla at Hermanos or Canapino-Lopez at Spa.

The idea is simple. Group of old fellas don't need to prove their pace. In my opinion they are clean and fair drivers, no matter if they are fast or slow. The second group are the drivers who are "newbies" within us. They should have prove their pace and work with the mod online using our practice server. The third group are the drivers who are erased from Simracers league at the moment. Of course they have big and easy chance to return - just by visiting practice server and making laps.

At the moment whole idea looks like:

Drivers can take part at any moment in events. They don't need to visit practice server.

Marek Archipow
Samuel Krueger
Aitor Lopez
Rui Santos
Michal Mazurek
Costa Gozadinos
Dominik Satel
Mark Hightree
Ken Tarvin
Jan Sproule
Matthew Gyorgy
Fahn Thomas
Magnus Dahlgren
Rogier de Klein
Phil Brown
Corrado Toxiri
Joe Miller
Luis Lynce
Charlie Civitarese
Mark Johnston
Massimo Locatello
Jose Casanovas
Joe Cronk

Drivers should visit practice server and make at least 25 laps before the event. After clean and fair race they get "full licence".
at the moment they are only asked for it - their mistakes are zeroed, their licence is treated as "full"

Giovanni Dara
Zack Paine
Grzegorz Braun
Karsten Rudorf
Harry-Lee Wills
Nick Phillips
Agustin Canapino
Daniel Ardie
Stu Abbott
Luca Barni
Chia Keanie

Drivers are erased from Simracers league and can't participate in any event. Although they can join again after making 50 laps on practice server.

Andrea Pedulla

Drivers can transfer from group to group according to their race behavoiur. Full licence can be lost to Temporary, etc.

* * * * *

What do you think? I'm waiting for your response.

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6 years 10 months ago #3723 by Corrado
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I think it's simple enough to be understood easily.

I would suggest that - if this system is implemented - the drivers who slip into a lower license class are alerted by mail and/or PM, as it would be nasty to discuss about participation rights at race time.

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