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9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #532 by Bret Metcalf
Bret Metcalf created the topic: Race Report
First of all-May I say thank you to Marek and all other admins involved in preparing for this event. It can be (and probably was) quite stressfull for the admins in charge to make decisions there and then and also communicate in two languages in the chat-a very good effort guys so well done.

Also, for delaying the qually for a few more minutes whilst the Legends drivers got the skin pack, sorry for that guys but i had no idea that there was a .veh file in there, just assumed it was .dds files.

The start went quite well, approaching T1 was fine, exiting it though I ran into a poor chap who had spun and then he unfortunately flew accross the track, not his fault as he had no control of that, anyway I T boned into him so my car was badly damaged but still driveable. Had a good few corners racing Fireball. A quick apology from me to a gentleman by the name of Lengyel?-Approaching the uphill left (of the Nuerberg part of the track), did not realise he was alongside and i turned into him-so sorry for that, was only a light collision but enough to make him spin. A few km's further I made a serious error whilst following Fireball and put my car on it's roof-race over I'm afraid.

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9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #533 by Marek Archipow [Fireball]
Marek Archipow [Fireball] replied the topic: O:Race Report
Thanks Bret for your words and participation in the event. It was quite hard to perform this event due to skinpacks problem, but I hope you understand it. I tried to inform all league leaders about it via e-mail. It's a big experience to me for the next time. For sure it was not the last joint-league event for us.

What about my race? It was quite busy days before the race, because I had "full house" in the Christmas time. The only one day to practice was the race day (Tuesday). I didn't practice a lot - especially second sector was hard for me. In addition, the FPS-rate deeply decreased during the start and race (below 10 FPS on the first corner, when I got the spin and went in the almost last place). The FPS-rate was between 15-30 depending on my position on track (all details off or low). I fought with you Bret to stay before you, and then Lengyel got involved in our "battle". I saw your error in the mirrors and after this my race was easier. I ran from Lengyel into the safe distance and tried to race without mistakes. Due to low FPS-rate my best laps were slower than offline training laps ca. 20 s. per lap. I wanted to race as safe as possible but my wife came into my game room and shortly after this I hit the fence totally crashing my chassis. I thought it's my end but I reached the pits and continued racing to the finish.

I would to thank all the drivers who raced in this event. We will do the similar event in the future for sure.
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