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Hello Simracers drivers!

I’m going to tell about our future plans regarding to simracing. First, we will make two formats of championship: Trophy and Season. Trophy always will include 3 races, Season – at least 6 but it can be more: 8, 12, etc. Our beloved mod – Grand Prix 1979 – will be always run in „Historical Season” mode.

Classic Formula Trophy will include 3 races
Classic Formula Season will include 6 races (or more)

Our goal is to run Grand Prix 1979 mod each year depending on possibility. The second flag „fast car” series will be DRM Revival 2.0a mod which will be launched after 2017 GP1979 Historical Season. It will include 6 races. I don’t know the calendar yet, but we should have enough time for short Classic Formula Trophy this year with the other classic F1 mod like F1 1985 or F1 1977. Classic Formula is the official name of any series run with classic F1 mods different from GP1979 mod. Always before main GP1979 Historical Season the GP1979 Pre-Season Trophy will be held.

Proposed tracks for DRM season: Nurburgring, LeMans, Oschersleben, Anderstorp, Montjuich, Rouen les Essarts

Another important mod is Historic GT 1.96. I think 1st Historic GT Season is very popular, so we are going to make it „season-after-season”, simultaneously with GP1979 and then DRM. Historic GT seems to be very intersting due to innovative point ratio with car bonus system allowing to mix faster and slower cars in one series. From the next HGT season it will be upgraded to new, more player’s sensitive scoring system. We treat Historic GT seasons as the fun series bringing the drivers the best old-style racing feel, so points and final scoring is less important than the pleasure of driving it at the limit. In the final classification the best drivers are on top anyway – slower drivers can learn through the season and improve their skill – and they will be rewarded even with weaker cars.

Incoming HGT seasons will be as follows:

2nd Historic GT Season – LM cars with additional cars (mainly B1 class)
3rd Historic GT Season – A3 class with „plus 3 Litres” cars
4th Historic GT Season – A4 class with dedicated cars
5th Historic GT Season – Ford GT40 vs. Ferrari 330P

Of course, beyond regular seasons sometimes Club Events will be run occasionally.

Future is promising. I hope you all will stay with us for a long time. We need good stable drivers and people devoted to simracing.
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I like a lot the F1 1988, F1 1982 and Rally World mods.
I think that single events with fixed setups are easy to prepare.

Thank you for all! see you

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