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Marek Kamadulski replied the topic: Re: S3R2 - SILVERSTONE 79'
Qual: 12 :sick:
Race: 7

First of all - thank you all for earlier start, I had to drive over 100km that night :)

My time in qual was really disappointing, I changed setup just before start and landed over first 10.
Race was slightly different, after quite good start I managed to move forward and had great fight with Aitor for a few laps. Then I made a mistake, and another one, and 2 spins after that :D, what made me really mad. 2 laps before end, Bartosz lost connection and I moved on 6th place, but he was much faster than me that day, so I was lucky :)

Congratulations everybody, especially for Othmane - I don't know, how he can drive that Renault so fast :)and Risto.
See you soon!
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