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I did GP1979 car description based on my experience and general feel of those cars. Maybe you would have different opinion. Let's discuss.

Williams FW07
The best car on grid. Highest mechanical grip. All purpose car for all tracks. Good handling, well-balanced. It can be used with low-wing setup as well which produces high speed end and good acceleration. With high-wing setup almost glued to the track.

Ligier JS11
The second best car on grid. Some drivers prefer it better than FW07 due to lower drag and higher max speed (especially no-front-wing Monza chassis). Good grip, it can be tricky at start with cold tires. Suits for fast tracks with low-wing setup, but keeps the best line on corners like hell too.

Renault RS12
The one and only "Turbo-Beast", the fastest car on grid. With low-wing setup it produces huge max speed, but it can be difficult to handle in slower sections due to its heavy weight. Use of average downforce makes the best performance for this car. Even with higher wings it's still faster than any car with low-wing setup. Better suspension comparing with RS11. Needs huge fuel load due to the highest fuel consumption. But it doesn't matter at all.

Ferrari T4
Good, but tricky car. Better on fast tracks than slower ones, because of its weight. Needs more fuel at start what causes some problems with reaching correct race pace. When empty, the car balance changes dramatically and it needs more care from the driver to race the best line properly. T4 Slow version can be used on slower tracks.

Lotus 79
Huge oversteer car. Suits better for slower curvy tracks due to good mechanical grip. Not fast enough comparing to JS11 or FW07, but in the hands of good driver it can be real danger. Good handling even with low-wing setups.

Lotus 80
Faster than L79, suits better for fast tracks, especially no-front-wing version. Pretty oversteer, it has to be well balanced to reach maximum performance.

Renault RS11
The same as RS12, but worse suspension. Some drivers say it's the fastest car on grid, little bit faster than RS12.

Brabham BT49
Third all-purpose-car on grid. Good mechanical grip, fast when needed. Suits for all tracks. Little oversteer, but if well balanced it can beat every car with good driver on board. Cosworth engine Brabham.

Tyrrell 009
In my opinion the best mechanical grip on grid, especially Long Beach and Monaco versions. Glued to the track even with low-wing setup. Good neutral balanced car. It suffers from lack of top speed, but gives the driver huge advantage on fast'n'slow turns. It can be winning car sometimes with the best driver on board.

McLaren M29
Pretty oversteer car. Comparing with Tyrrell 009 but slightly better. Good mechanical grip and good topspeed. It drives well with low-wing setup, but the real power of this car is noticed on slower curvy tracks with average- or high-wing setups. Good handling despite of its weight.

Brabham BT48
Very fast car with Alfa engine, especially no-front-wing version which is slightly faster than BT48 with front wing. Well balanced car dedicated for fast tracks due of its higher topspeed and low drag. Unforgettable engine sound.

Wolf WR79
Very good handling makes this car better on slower tracks. Pretty oversteer thing with good mechanical grip. It suffers only from the lack of topspeed and acceleration which is uncomparable with the other average Cosworth cars.

Arrows A2
The most tricky car on grid. It can be pretty fast due to its shape. Well balanced even on slower tracks, but it's dedicated for fast and mixed tracks rather than slower ones. No front wing. The best with average downforce. It can be very hard to handle with low-wing setups despite of better good topspeed characteristics rather than corner efficiency.

Alfa Romeo
Comparable with Brabham BT48 due to the same engine used, but slower due to more drag. Worse mechanical grip than BT48. Good topspeed makes this car comparable with average cars, but no chance to fight with top-cars. Pretty heavy, hard to handle on slower curvy tracks.

Ferrari T3
"Little brother" of T4. It looks similar but its performances are weaker comparing to T4 in every way. It can be good option to drive against the other average cars, but it's too heavy and too slow for the battle with top-cars.

McLaren M28
The worst average car, but it can make a surprise with the good driver on board on mixed tracks sometimes. Heavy and pretty oversteer car. It can be well balanced with high-wing setups and beat better cars. Good handling.

Arrows A1
The best "out-of-top16" car. Generally good handling, balance, topspeed and acceleration. It can fight against average cars with good driver on board.

Ensign N179
Similar performance as Arrows A1, but better drag. Much heavier than Arrows A1.

Williams FW06
The same engine as FW07 but poor mechanical grip comparing to improved chassis. Different gearbox - six gears instead five. Lighter as Engisn N179, but less downforce.

Renault RS01
Outstanding power but poor downforce and drag. The fastest car within "out-of-top16". Poor handling, very heavy. The best car for fast tracks. Tricky with low-wing setups. The best wingset for this car - average or higher.

Shadow Dn9
Comparable with Ensign N179 and Williams FW06. Good handling and car balance for mixed tracks. Good mechanical grip.

Fittipaldi F5/F6
Comparable with Shadow Dn9, but a little bit heavier. Good on fast tracks, especially F6 chassis. F5 chassis better on mixed and slower curvy tracks.

Rebaque HR79/100
"Poor Lotus" - based on Lotus 79, but weaker suspension, engine and handling. Good on mixed and slower tracks. Poor max downforce, no oversteer effect like Lotus 79.

Comparable with Fittipaldi, but worse max downforce. Good topspeed and handling on mixed tracks.

The second worst car on grid. Comparable with Ensign N177, but a little bit better due to better downforce and drag. Rather oversteery car. Good on mixed and slower curvy tracks.

Ensign N177
The worst car on grid. The worst downforce and drag. Good only on slow curvy tracks due to lack of speed on fast tracks. Only with the good driver on board it can be used against the slowest cars. Poor handling and suspension. Hell on wheels.
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